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But what does geneaology have ot do with the Celtic Cuture? Well if you are a white anglo-saxon whose lineage runs to Europe then you ARE of Celtic descendants. So are all the Kings of England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Scandanavian countries and other countries.

 Family History


Even the Romans, Greeks, Spanish, Portugese and Egyptians have been found with LOTS of Celtic blood in them. As do many of the tribes that reside in the mesopotania areas of the mideast!

Why? Because these were all areas conqured by the early Celtic tribes at one time or another in ancient history!

Interested in your own family roots? Where did your ancestors come from and who were they?

Wouldn't it be fantastic to find that

your family was traced back to an

ancient royal lineage? 

Easily answer those questions using the Internet and these resources. My family did and we have now traced our family back to the early 16th century!

When I was still in grammer school my Uncle Edsell decided to start a family project and trace the families history. He chose to start with his morther's side of the family and so they did.

NOTE: My Uncle Edsell had 13 kids so he had a LOT of help.

You see this was back in the early 1960's and there wasn't any Internet and very little about Genealogy in the local libraries. So he had his kids start a letter writing campaign.  They sent letters to all the relatives asking for what each of them knew about Nanny Maude's (his mother and my grandmother) side of the family I.E. her parents, siblings, etc.

In the early 1980's another uncle came for a visit, who had picked up the work since uncle Edsell's kids were all off to college, married and/or raising their own families. I got to see what had been done so far. They had carefully plotted the lineage out on a huge role of butcher paper for all the generations. In roughly twenty years they had been able to trace the family heritage back a little over 150 years. 

Well my younger brother (Alan my half-brother) saw that and offered to help. He was a young, single aspiring computer programmer and had plenty of spare tme. From the early 1980's and for the next 10 years he was able to trace the family name back another 300 years! He was also able to trace his dad's side of the family back over 270 years.

What Alan found was that one of our nanny Maude's earliest grandfathers was an Irishman straight over from Ireland who married an honest to goodness real life Cherokee Princess.

Another earlier relative was a Scot from one of the major Scottish clans whose clan had, several hundred years earlier, fought with Wallace. And yet another ancester was a Robber Baron (as they were called) who lost his fortune in the crash of the stock market in the 1920's.

How was Alan able to be so successful in such a short period of time? He knew how to use the tools of the Internet...

...and they have only gotten better and better since then. With even MORE resources today than ever before - and most of them are now free ifyou know where and how to find them!

If you too would like to trace your own family but don't know where to start check out "Genealogy: Uncovering Your Ancestry". In this amazing publication you get simple step by step guides to ancestry research using the Internet. Written so that even a Novice can understand and easily use these methods.

The easier way to perform your is to use this link: ancestry's family search, and look at your family name and its story, it will give you a sense of where you are from and the journeys your families have made. This puts us in a postion to be able to enjoy the fruits of our ancestors visions as we go forward with our lives.

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