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Originally this site was started by Ron Dennis, who resides in Ireland. I was Ron's Mentor and Web design coach and my name is Mike Domeck. I teach people how to build websites and web businesses through my own company called D3 Solutions and Design, Inc.

I started working with Ron when he first joined NitroIncubator (the program I used to work for) to learn how to build a web business. Right after Ron started with us he began having some serious health issues and struggled to get work done. Between hospital stays and fighting medication problems he had very little time to devote to the site.

I helped Ron every week so we could get his website up and going. Finally in the winter of 2006 Ron had to give up the work due to his increasing health problems. Ron had done such a fantastic job that I wanted to continue the site for him and add to it so it would continue to grow.

Although I am of Celtic descent (on my mothers side of the family) the learning curve for me has been both interesting and very hard. The more research I have done the more fascinated I have become with the Celtic culture and its impact on all of the worlds great civilizations.

I am determined to see this project through and make this the best site on Celtic Culture and Celtic history on the internet. This is my way to expand on Ron's hard work and dedication and bring to fruition his hard work and devotion.

Please pray for Ron that his full health will return. I am in occasional contact with him and the last message I got he said he was feeling a little better - even though he had suffered through a third heart attack! It seems he has a long way to go to regain his full strength.

Hopefully, Ron will be able to start writing more articles for us, based on his personal family experiences. As he does they will be posted to the Celtic Crow newsletter first. He has been blogging some and I look forward to hearing more from him.

UPDATE: I have been unsuccessfully trying to get in touch with Ron for over a year (as of July 1, 2010) and have had no luck. I do hope Ron is doing okay but if anyone knows him or someone in his family please have them contact me by sending an email to the addrss below. Thanks!

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