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The Celtic warrior was one part of the Celtic tribes hierarchy. The warrior aristocracy was the "army" of the Celtic tribe. Men and women both belonged to this aristocracy and both fought in battle.

Although the Celts had no "central government" each tribe was a complete self contained unit. The Druids were the law makers and the warrior aristocracy were the defenders and conquerors. The third "part" of each Celtic tribe consisted of the Wiccans who were the magicians, spiritual leaders and warlocks. The everyone else was the commoners!

From that time before 700 BC to around 200 BC the Celts conquered most of Europe, Rome, Greece and the middle East. They were the first peoples to conquer Rome and after they did they demanded a ransom of pure Gold to leave the Romans and their city. The Romans were so fearful they gladly paid the ransom just to rid themselves of these "barbarians" - as they were called.


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