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Welcome to Celtic art loving readers. This website has grown steadily over the past few years to include many forms of Celtic art, Celtic symbols and Celtic sculpture and design.

Following many, many requests to create a separate Celtic design center we are pleased to give you this new page design. This will give easier access to our art sections. 

 Early Celtic Sculpture Stone - Scotland

You will see (below) direct links to all the separate sections. We have included an overview of the topic of the page for your ease and enjoyment.  Please enjoy!

Our Journey Continues

Learn about the story and the works of Celtic Designs.

Celtic designs have been acclaimed as far more advanced than that of many other societies of ancient Europe. In the locations mentioned in this page, a wondrous array of art works show a fascinating tradition of the implementation of Celtic designs.

Celtic Symbols

Celtic symbols including pictures, meanings and explanations.

The subject of Celtic symbols is very large and varied in interpretation. For your enjoyment this page consists of several separate sections.

In section one we look at the history behind Celtic symbols and in section two I have created a list of symbols including graphics and their meanings.

In the third section I have included my new book. It is a digest of all the known Celtic Symbols we have been able to research and verify. Each symbol is in full color (where applicable) with a full description of the meaning of the symbol.

Celtic Tattoos
Celtic Tattoos traditional, permanent and temporary.

Celtic Tattoos have enjoyed a huge revival and are seen today on many of the worlds most prominent artists. This oldest of the Celtic art forms provides a wide array of mystical designs. We have included both personal and traditional, permanent and temporary, for that special lifelong inspiration or the temporary expression of love or meaning.


The Pentagram is one of the most widely used religious symbols in all the world.

A specially requested topic page dealing with the pentagram which has been used by Wiccans, Pagans, Israelites, Christians, magicians amongst others. But what is its origin?

Click and read further - you may be surprised by what you learn!

The Celtic Cross
The history and meanings connected to the Celtic art form known as the Celtic cross.

The Celtic cross has been widely revered as one of Christianity's Celtic art forms. In this page we look at the history and meaning of the Celtic cross. We have included an interactive link to every prominent Celtic cross in Ireland - just click on the map of Ireland at the bottom of the page for a fantastic tour packed with information.

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