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Celtic Treasures of the Ages

Celtic jewelry is a breath taking treasure, which has been forged within the romantic mists of time; where its mythological history and timeless tales of legend, love loyalty and friendship further enrich its natural beauty.

Gold Clauddagh Ring

Celtic Magic Pendant 

Celtic jewelry provides us with a shimmering fusion of Celtic designs and symbols. Skillfully brought together by a passion for artistic creativity and the skills of old.

For thousands of years the Celtic culture has intermingled with its neighbours. The art and culture of the Persians the Turkish, Greek and the Roman Empire to name a few.

These peoples have interwoven the traditional Celtic swirl and spiral patterns into their own designs. Each has added their own unique mystical properties and flowing movements to their own jewelry and architecture.

Celtic jewelry has enjoyed a massive resurgence around the globe in recent times. Anybody who is knowledgeable in style knows that jewelry is no longer just about design.

Its more about wearing a piece of culture. A work of art that can be passed down through the generations as a reminder of who we are.

The most endearing part of the process of receiving, giving or simply wearing a piece of Celtic jewelry is the fact that every single item has it's own story to tell. Whether it be about love or enchantment, or the fact it was the jewelry of one of the worlds bravest warrior races.

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Art of Courtney Davis 

"The art of Courtney Davis is an expression of the ancient symbols, myths and legends of the Celtic culture and he creates his images through the inspiration of the Celtic Spirit. The mastery of his art has been achieved through 20 years of dedication as a self-taught artist.


His paintings are in gouache and ink, many of which may be found in over 36 books that feature his art works. His vibrant treatment of colour, intricacy of design, and true composition interpret the ancient culture in a classic contemporary style that is extraordinary. To view his art is to enter into a realm of fascination".

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The Claddagh

The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring given in friendship or worn as a wedding ring. The design and customs associated with it originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh, located just outside the old walls of the city of Galway. The ring was first produced in the 17th century during the reign of Queen Mary II, though elements of the design are much older.

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Men's Celtic Jewelry

The joy of Celtic jewelry is its range that is perfect for all genders. However, it is fair to say that finding jewelry for a man can be quite difficult, especially on the web. In my mind the reason for this is that generally men's jewelry is quite boring.

Not however with Celtic jewelry. A man can wear the magical designs and he also has a story to tell his friends about the jewelry piece.

What better gift can you give a man than that of a story to tell of warrior blood lines and ancient history. Additionally, it is a piece of jewelry that is a part of these historic times.

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 The Torc

Do we know why warriors wore the golden torc around their neck?

Some would say it was given as a gift of protection. Others say it is a symbol of leadership responsibilities or strength and power. Archaeology suggests that elite females that enjoyed high status were given the torc. The torc seems to have been adopted by the Celts from Persia.

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Celtic Cross Jewelry

The Celtic cross has its own legend. On his arrival in Ireland, Saint Patrick is said to have drawn a Celtic circle over the Latin cross. Thus unifying the Celts and the Christian religions to form Celtic Christianity. 

The catholic belief is that the circle represents the angelic halo of Christ. The explanation is a subject that is important to the holder. If you believe it to be the four winds of wonder or the heart the mind body and sole, then that’s what it means, either way it looks stunning as gold jewelry silver jewelry, platinum jewelry or titanium jewelry.

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