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symbol circle The circle, or the one, is a Celtic symbol connected to many different cultures of the world both Celtic and none Celtic. Like all things it has many interpretations some say it is a representation of the moon or the sun some say it shows the circle of life, in that life has no beginning or end. Others say it is the representation of the eye of their god and or gods watching over them.


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symbol spiral SPIRAL. Spirals are said to have some form of link to the other world and is a representation of the cosmos i.e. the universe and its many parts.

The single spiral is alleged to represent the Sun. The spiral turning clockwise represents the wintertime Sun (the symbol shown to the left). The spiral turning counter-clockwise represents the summertime Sun.

symbol spiral2 TWIN SPIRALS. The dual centred spiral Celtic symbol is also a common symbol. It is said to be similar to that of the Chinese Ying and Yang due to its shape. In its spiral form it reminds us of a pair of x-ray glasses.

It is said to symbolize the positive and the negative sides of nature and therefore promotes balance. This explanation is also similar to that of Ying and Yang.

symbol spiral3 TRIPLE SPIRAL. A triple spiral has several interpretations. The trinity of, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This Celtic symbol was allegedly believed by the Celts that all life moved in continuous cycles i.e. three phases such as birth, death and rebirth (reincarnation).  It also symbolized the belief in the mind, body and soul (spirit).

awen symbol AWEN AKA. The Three Rays. Some say this Celtic symbol is the representation of the light seen at the point of death and the glory of the other world greeting you to its radiance. 

Still others say that the right hand ray symbolizes the masculine and that the left hand ray symbolizes the feminine. The central ray is the mediator for the two again pointing to the subject of balance i.e. Ying and Yang.

Ron tells me his Gran had this symbol on top of a sun dial in her garden. She told him it represented the rays of the sun feeding the earth and giving us a bountiful harvest.

His pop would laugh at this explanation and say, “what a lot of twaddle, its unlucky to look at it in the shade”. His explanation for this symbol was, that it represented rain or as he put it, “it will pour down with rain”.

In other words the reality is, that these symbols have so many interpretations it would seem no one really knows the truth behind them. There are numerous applications of these symbols in our every day environment be it on t-shirts on posters or in books.

For example I have seen it in many kitchens where they have the spiral symbol on the wall tiles. Many think it looks great. If you investigate these areas further I am confident you, like myself, will find a wealth of interesting explanations waiting to be adapted to suit your own environment.

I believe the following symbols are from further up the time line than the original swirl patterns.

five symbol THE FIVE CIRCLES. A.K.A The Wheel of Life. As you can see this Celtic symbol is of four circles joined as one by the additional central circle. It is said that the druids (who we discuss in another website section) believe this to be a representation of their universe. I.E. the meeting of the elements.

symbol druid THREEFOLD. As we mentioned Druids above this Celtic symbol (allegedly of their origin) is known as a threefold. It is said to represent the sister goddesses: Eiru, Fotla, Banba.

Wicca has also an adaptation of this symbol although I am told that the center is more triangular for them. it also represents the Threefold however in this case it is pointing to the Mother Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

symbol druid 2 TRIQUETRA. This is more a Celtic knot design as opposed to a Celtic symbol design. I have added it here as it is a well known symbol in modern society, especially if you pop a circle over it.

It is said to represent the three levels of human thought i.e. the physical, the mental and spiritual. Although the three points are distanced from each other they are merged together as one, symbolizing a connection similar to that of the original triple spiral shown above.

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