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Since the dawn of time men have taken great pride in the wearing of fine Man's Jewelry. The Celtic Man wore lots of jewelry as it gave them a sense of status. It was their way of showing their great taste and a portrayal of wealth.

With more men now dressing UP instead of down, and leaving the overly casual, slouchy attire at home, jewelry has once again become the mark of a well dressed and very successful man.

In addition to the above it is true to say men find themselves wearing the latest fashion or designer made jewelry to give them a feeling of well-being. Alternatively, when you belong to a specific group or organization how many times have you seen young girls smile when you gave her your fraternity pin or ring?

It is fair to say that finding jewelry for a man can be quite difficult, on the high street in the UK for example men's jewelry is pretty boring - design-wise. Your next step might be a TV Shopping Channel however, you will have a very long wait if you are looking for that perfect piece of man jewelry.

All of the jewelry in my jewelry box is from America, Greece or Celtic Jewelry suppliers. My wedding ring is a Celtic knot design and I have various styles of Greek key jewelry and some wonderful diamond men's jewelry from America. I even have a Jade custom ring I bought when I was in Hong Kong a few years ago.

I have lots of other men's jewelry that I, or my wife, purchased whilst on our many travels.  Although the majority of my jewelry is not of Celtic design, I always try to buy a new piece for myself, my wife - or both of us - when we travel.  It is a good reminder of that particular vacation and/or business trip.

I will be honest and say it feels quite good when you hear someone ask “where did you find that ring you just don’t see many rings like that”. But of course I may be slightly biased since my family owned a jewelry store for 30 years. My stepfather did a LOT of custom design work in pendants and especially rings. I still have a custom diamond ring he made for my 18th birthday.

This is my opinion however on doing some research into men's jewelry. I was very happy to find that I am not alone in the search for nice fashionable piece of men's jewelry as you will discover below.

Fashionable Men's Jewelry

The modern man demands the most prized designs and fashions in his jewelry. I recently read an article at the Jewelry Information Centre. In a poll by MVI Marketing and Jewelers Consumer Opinion Council, 75 percent of the men polled wear jewelry. Eighty percent of the women polled say they find men who wear fine jewelry sexy.

“Today’s men are very fashion conscious and they are beginning to understand that fine jewelry is essential to completing a look,” says Amanda Gizzi, spokeswoman for Jewelry Information Centre.  Here are some of the hottest styles of jewelry available for men: Not just for the ladies.


Diamonds have long been called a girl’s best friend. However, men now realize the appeal of these sparkling gems and wear them too. Men do not have to be rolling in the dough to have diamonds in their life. Small diamonds on top of a wide yellow gold or platinum band, accenting stainless steel bracelet or around the bezel of a watch add a big look for not a lot of money. Even the smallest diamonds add sparkle and class.

Necks and wrists adorned.

Bracelets and necklaces can make men look very stylish. The key is to find the right style of necklace to meet the individual’s personality and lifestyle. Opt for a gold or silver link chain that is square or oval.

Experiment with different styles, metals and even gemstone's to find the right match. Bracelets look fashionable in gold links. Wear two together with each one in a different link size or style for maximum appeal. Cuff me. Cufflinks are a terrific accessory to make any outfit look more polished and put together.

Men who wear striking cufflinks always have a conversation piece. With the wide variety available, there is certainly a pair for every style and personality. Remember that cufflinks do not have to be reserved just for business and formal events because they look equally as smashing when worn with jeans and a crisp shirt.

Rings a plenty. There is so much more to men’s rings than just wedding bands. Single and married men alike are finding that rings are comfortable to wear and make them look stylish.

Rubber and stingray skin can be gracefully mixed with rubies, gold, diamonds and other precious stones and materials to create rings that have maximum impact. Sterling silver rings look excellent when they are oxidized to give them a darker and more rugged look.

For more information on fine jewelry and to find a list of professional jewelers, visit Jewelry Information Centre at www.jic.org. 

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